ELC Founder Christina Mixon was inspired to create Engage Local Change when serving as a volunteer monitor for the ACLU Peanut Gallery Board of Elections, an informal information source for Georgia citizens on the State‚Äôs elections systems. Through her volunteer experience sitting in on meetings, connecting with local officials, and better understanding the city council infrastructure, Christina was able to identify the disconnect and barriers that stood between communities and their government.  

Working for over two decades with some of the most recognized entertainment brands, Christina has built a world-class reputation as an expert in using data, artistry, and technical skill to connect and engage people from all walks of life. Her aptitude for problem-solving coupled with her professional expertise quickly led to the formation of Engage Local Change. 


Recognizing the lack of accessible information on how to connect with local leaders and that local elected leaders often conducted their work out of sight from the eyes of the public, Christina felt the result is that most people have no idea how local government works. Even worse, this disconnect not only prevents civic participation but also reduces the diversity of our electorate. Identifying simple, scalable solutions that would close the accessibility gap and increase local community engagement through technology, Christina is confident Engage Local Change will live up to its name.

Engage Local Change is a fiscally-sponsored project of THE GIVING BACK FUND, Tax ID 04-3367888, a not-for-profit corporation with federal tax-exempt status from the IRS under section 501(c)(3).